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Our Tech

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get the best LiDAR mapping results possible.

Our Services

Aerial surveying, terrestrial LiDAR mapping, mobile scanning, and LiDAR mapping are available through us.

Our Team

We are driven by a team of experienced, skilled, and passionate professionals.

Our Advocacy

Our goal is to provide a clearer future of the country’s leading industries through our surveying services.

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Client testimonials


"We were amazed at how fast AB Surveying and Development's LiDAR mapping was as compared to conventional surveying methods. With approximately 1,000 hectares of land area, the Kiangan, Ifugao project site was accurately generated as a topographic map and was very useful for the planning and design of the proposed Hucab Mini Hydro Electric Plant. The team was very accommodating and helpful in every step of the way, and they almost eliminated the need for physical site inspection because of their attention to detail!

Highly recommended to all our industry peers!"


—  PATRICK TACLIBON, Business Line Manager, Pacific Tech Solutions, Inc.

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Baguio City LiDAR Mapping Project

Held last November 27, 2018, the press conference details the breakthrough project between ABSD and the City of Baguio


ABSD at the

UP ACLE 2018

In partnership with UP Geodetic Engineering Club, ABSD was able to share its knowledge on Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS)

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ABSD Goes to Yangon

In front of business people and engineers, ABSD showcased the wonders of LiDAR technology in surveying applications


Our LiDAR Guys are trained professionals and are more than qualified to assess your surveying concerns and recommend the best course to take.
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