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Three Dimensional As-Built Mapping of a Fluid Collection and Recycling System Facility

FCRS 1a.jpg

Project Brief

The requirement of this project is to achieve a 3D as-built map of the FCRS facility of the power plant, covering an area of 76.80 hectares. With the modernization efforts of the client, they are in need of reference maps to create a retrofit design and monitor the pipe systems. In line with their goal to acquire relevant and accurate representation of their most vital assets, it is necessary to produce engineering grade, millimeter-level 3D structural maps.

It is then deemed appropriate to use the FARO Focus 3D X 330, a high definition laser scanner used for structural and industrial as-built surveys. Existing pipelines, pipe supports, vessels, and other facilities such as valves, separators, silencer, thermal ponds, sumps, etc. were precisely measured including their vertical and horizontal coordinates. The LiDAR point cloud composing billions of points representing the features portrays a realistic three dimensional terrain model of the facility. This model is later enhanced to create a 3D structural model by tracing the surfaces and features from the point cloud.

Technology Used

FARO Focus 3D X 330



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