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LiDAR Scanning

For Architectural and As-Built Survey.

Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning is for measuring distances of objects through the use of pulsed laser operation. This is useful for As-Builts, 3D Modeling, and ALTA surveys.

Aiming for the most precise architectural as-built survey, AB Surveying & Development is the among the first in the country to use the FARO Focus 3D X330 Scanner for commercial survey purposes. Capable of up to 976,000 meas/sec, the Focus 3D X330 captures every important architectural detail. ABSD's terrestrial LiDAR capabilities can produce reliable life-like visualization, even under extreme light conditions or enormous distances .

AB Surveying & Development uses FARO Focus 3D X330 Laser Scanner

What's making Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning Possible?

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