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LiDAR Scanning

For Corridor, Railway, and Road Survey.

Mobile LiDAR scanning is the paramount solution for gathering geospatial data meant to update road maps, support or verify aerial mapping results, and draft emergency response services.

Capable of large scale topographic and as-built survey, AB Surveying & Development is the first in the country to pioneer the use of Riegl VUX-1LR Scanner for commercial survey purposes. Mounted on a helicopter, it has a maximum effective measurement rate of 750,000 measurements per second. With an accuracy rate of 15mm, and precision rate of 10mm, the VUX-1LR is among the top rated aerial LiDAR scanners used in the industry.

AB Surveying & Development uses Riegl VZ-2000 LiDAR Scanner

What's making Mobile LiDAR Scanning Possible?

Our Equipment


Click here for more information on the Riegl VZ-2000 LiDAR Scanner.


riegl mvz-2000(1).jpg

Mobile LiDAR Scanning in progress using the Riegl VMZ-2000 mounted on a vehicle


  • Land Surveying through Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Topographic Surveying 

  • Planimetric Mapping

  • Slope Mapping

  • Tree height analysis

  • Power line inspection

  • Ore extraction space measurement (mining)

  • 3D As-Built Surveying

  • More (click here)

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