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For agricultural purposes such as monitoring of water flow, mapping of landscape situations, and overall better farming, an agriculture survey should be in order.



An aerial survey of the dam and its irrigation network by a land surveyor in the Philippines is necessary to optimize water use for crops to produce a bountiful harvest.


Topographic surveys are conducted to determine the configuration of the Earth's surface, defined by the elevation of points on a portion of land and the location of natural and man-made features on it. Contour map can help in building rice terraces or the application of Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT).


Land surveyors in the Philippines also has a major role in crop management. Surveying helps in identifying the soil and terrain, as well as pinpointing the irrigation system and sources of water better suited to certain crops.


Detailed topographic map and river survey will enhance the understanding and assessment of exposure to flood risk and therefore strengthen the outcomes of flood studies. Flood mapping will enable the preparation of irrigation canals for greater crop yield and the identification of low-lying areas that can be made into rainwater reservoir and fish pens.

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