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Aerial LiDAR Scanning of 2,570-hectare mining site in Isabela

Dinapigue Orthophoto 2.jpg

Project Brief

An exploration area located at Dinapigue, Isabela with an area of 2,570 hectares was surveyed via Aerial LiDAR Scanning, using the RIEGL VUX 1-LR Laser Scanner mounted on a helicopter. It took only six (6) hours to scan the area and acquire millions of points and thousands of photographs, in order to obtain a detailed point cloud and orthophoto. These data were then post-processed to achieve an accurate and reliable terrain maps, tied to established ground control points that are in network with nearby NAMRIA benchmarks and control points.


From the three-dimensional point cloud data, several maps were derived such as the digital terrain model (DTM), digital surface model (DSM), contour, and waterways. The footprint of roads, pathways and structures were also traced from the point cloud to digitize an as-built map. The as-built map was then incorporated with the contours and waterways to come up with a topographic map.  These maps shall serve as the basemaps for the project area.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX-1LR Laser Scanner

riegl vp-1.png


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