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Architectural Documentation of San Nicolas De Tolentino Church

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Project Brief

First constructed in 1584 and rebuilt in 1693, San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish Church is a beautifully preserved Roman Catholic church located in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. As one of the oldest buildings in the province, the Augustinian church is one of the treasured cultural heritage sites of the Ilocanos.

Given its historical significance, San Nicolas Church has undergone an architectural documentation as part of the parish’s preservation efforts with the aid of AB Surveying & Development. A detailed 3D laser as-built scanning of the baroque façade, interior and exterior features (including the three-storey bell tower) was made using FARO Focus 3D X330. In just a few hours of fieldwork, AB Surveying and Development was able to capture intricate details of the structure as point cloud data. 3D images were then made using a computer-aided design (CAD) software and fully displayed every feature, including cracks that the structure may have suffered over centuries of service. The generated data could now be used as basis for future renovations to maintain the original architectural design of the church.

In a country like the Philippines where centuries-old Catholic churches are considered significant pieces of culture, heritage, and tradition, preservation efforts are constantly needed. Technological advancements like the detailed 3D laser scanning are important tools that ensure the preservation and survival of these structures for generations to come.

Technology Used

FARO Focus 3D X330



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