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Aerial LiDAR Survey of Nacpan Beach and Latulaya Island in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido 2.PNG

Project Brief

Nacpan Beach, covering a total area of 1.5 hectares, and Lalutaya Island, 33.5 hectares, were mapped using aerial LiDAR scanning. The aerial survey was conducted to acquire the characteristic and features of the area for planning and development purposes. With the LiDAR capability to penetrate vegetation and generate ground measurements, highly detailed digital terrain models (DTM) of the properties were obtained using the point cloud data gathered by the scanner.

The outputs from the data acquisition includes aerial photos which were geometrically corrected and georeferenced to obtain the orthophotos of the islands. The pixel colors from these orthophotos were then merged with the LiDAR point cloud, attributing each color to its respective co-coordinate point, to assemble a colorized 3D representation of the properties. Other outputs generated were the digital surface models (DSM) and topographic maps.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX-1LR Laser Scanner

riegl vp-1.png


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