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Aerial LiDAR Survey of Costa de Madera Land Development Project

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Project Brief

Land Development is the natural consequence of any province or city that has a rising economic growth. It is also our responsibility to balance growth and sustainability of any development project so that it will be of use for the succeeding generations. Costa de Madera is a land development project, which is located in Laiya, Batangas, that embodies that mantra of balanced growth and sustainability. ABSD partnered with Costa de Madera and used Aerial LiDAR Technology in order to make a topographic map of the project site.


Through the use of Aerial LiDAR Technology, we were able to gather topographic data of the project site in a shorter span of time, given the large area of the site, without compromising the accuracy of the survey. We were able to observe the changes in elevation of the terrain. Some features on the project site like trees, poles and existing residential areas. These data gathered will be of use for planning of further improvements on the area.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX-1LR Laser Scanner

riegl vp-1.png


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