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LiDAR Mapping Survey and Hydrographic Survey of Sta. Cruz, Zambales

Zambales 4.png

Project Brief

The developing municipality of Sta Cruz, Zambales, under constant pressure of a growing population, urbanization and industrialization, addressed the emergent need for proper town planning. Using the combination of LiDAR mapping, the most advanced technique in surveying, and hydrographic surveying, a reliable information system, both on the land and waters of Poblacion South and Poblacion North, Sta. Cruz, was obtained.

Using the LiDAR and hydrographic data, various maps such as contour map, digital surface and terrain models, as-built map, orthophoto map, and digital 3D model are created.  These maps can essentially be used for many applications, such as military operations, disaster management, mapping of man-made structures and natural resources, 3D city modelling, tax mapping, simulation of new buildings, updating and keeping cadastral data, change detection and virtual reality. This project enabled the municipality of Sta. Cruz to plan and manage the development of the locality for the benefit of its constituents, while safeguarding and enhancing the quality of its natural environment.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX-1LR Laser Scanner

riegl vp-1.png


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