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Three Dimensional As-Built Mapping of the Monument of Outstanding Recollects

Monument of Outstanding Recollects

Project Brief

In 1994, the Order of Augustinian Recollects (OAR) founded the Bulwagang Recoletos or Hall of the Recollects, in the Recoletos Formation Center compound in the Mira Nila Homes at Tandang Sora, Quezon City. Just outside the Bulwagang Recoletos, this “Monument of Outstanding Recollects” can be viewed. It was sculpted by Florante Caedo in 1993. The monument features six heroes of the Augustinian Recollects, who have devoted great effort to evangelize and build Christian communities in the Philippines. Also, housed in this compound are the repository of all the manuscripts and artifacts that the OAR has accumulated throughout the centuries. 

To showcase the capability of the as-built laser scanner, particularly the FARO Focus3D X330, this monument was scanned, given the permission from the administrators of the Hall of the Recollects. In-detail scan of the monument was achieved, as seen from the images above. These images are screen grabbed from the GIS software displaying the “point cloud” data collected via scanning. This level of accuracy obtained by the FARO laser scanner has also manifested with other structural survey projects conducted by the AB Surveying and Development.

Technology Used

FARO Focus 3D X 330



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