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Aerial LiDAR Survey of Proposed Light Rail Transit Expansion

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Project Brief

Trains have always been a big help in easing the daily commute of the general public. It also helps in mitigating the heavy traffic that is evident in the cities of Metro Manila by giving an alternative choice for public transportation to the commuters. In the long run, it is the goal to make trains the main mode of mass public transportation and that is why the government keeps on improving and expanding train stations and routes in order to accommodate a larger population.


Through the use of Aerial LiDAR Scanning (using Riegl VUX 1-LR), ABSD has the possibility to survey the proposed route alignments in a faster manner without compromising the accuracy of the survey. The data gathered from the scanning is then used to make as-built maps and later on used for parcellary surveying to check for any encroachments on the alignment.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX 1-LR

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