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Route Survey of Transmission Line in Quezon Province


Project Brief

With the rising demand for power and transmission issues in the province of Quezon, Meralco Powergen is in force on building large capacity power generation units and accommodating the entry of these units to the grid. Among their projects is the 24 kilometer transmission line from Atimonan to Pagbilao. In partnership with NGCP, AB Surveying and Development completed the survey works of this projects last 2017.

This route survey project is aimed to determine the optimized design of the Atimonan to Pagbilao transmission line and establish strategic locations of tower sites along the proposed route. Aerial LiDAR survey is the technique conducted to gather a 3D point cloud and capture aerial photos of the project area. Validation of ground control points was conducted to check for accuracy. Plan and profile survey was engaged upon validation of the centerline and the right-of-way corridor limit. Post-processed data includes the following: georeferenced corridor-wide orthophoto, digital terrain model (DTM), topographic map, plan and profile maps, and diagonal section maps of the sixty (60) identified tower sites.

Technology Used

Riegl VUX-1LR Laser Scanner

riegl vp-1.png


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